21st July 2016

About us

3D Scanners UK……Successfully supplying clients with a range of specialist 3D scanning services for over 18 years. 3D Scanners UK are also the UK Master Distributor of PolyWorks® Software, which is the worlds leading reverse engineering and inspection software.


3D Scanners UK  have been the market leader in the 3d scanning industry for 18 years and are an ISO 9001:2008 UKAS accredited company.

We have provided 3d scanning, data processing, part inspection, and impartial 3d scanner advice for a diverse group of customers from power generation companies to the medical industry.

3D Scanners UK have been producing inspection reports for power generation companies since the company was first formed back in 1998.

Over the last thirteen years the turbine blade industry has evolved, and with the explosion of turbine applications within the power and energy markets, 3D Scanning technologies have been highly influential.

Manufacturers of turbine blades approach 3D Scanners UK to inspect parts, for a variety of reasons, these include;

  • Part to Part deviation (quality control)
  • CAD to Part deviation (corrosion)
  • Reverse Engineering.

Sometimes companies want to reproduce an old turbine blade, when cad data no longer exists, or re-design some aspect of an old blade into a new one. We understand that the inspection data provided to our customers must be accurate, to insure that the new manufactured blade has the hydro- dynamic flow needed to conform to the correct design standards.

Contact measuring devices can only supply partial landmark measurements, so 3D Scanners UK use a non-contact 3d laser scanner to scan turbine blades. The main reason for this, is that it can gather enough points (20,000 points per second) to create a completely accurate surface profile of the turbine blade. We also use the best inspection & reverse engineering software on the market, to extract measurements and carryout deviation analysis, to achieve the best accuracy and detail for our customers.

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