21st July 2016

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Many companies approach us to reverse engineer parts because the cad for the original part does not exist. Other reasons for reverse engineering parts can be to develop the existing part further and increase manufacture and overall production times.

Having had so many years experience using 3d scanners for reverse engineering, and having access to a wide range of systems, we know the most appropriate solution to use for the customers requirements. This in turn provides a flexible and cost efficient service for our customers, without the requirement to purchase costly equipment.

What do I Need?

Many customers ask us to produce a polygon mesh for rapid prototyping. 9 out of 10 companies can create a rapid prototype straight from a mesh but it is always best to check that the company you have chosen to work with are able to do so.

Other customers may be creating 3d catalogues of objects, comparing meshes for quality purposes or the customer may want to produce a 3d geometric model within their own software from the supplied mesh.


A NURBS surface can be created using the .stl polygon model in PolyWorks. This NURBS surface can then be imported into a software such as SolidWorks and used as a template to create a geometric 3d model.

A colour map can then be used in PolyWorks to analyse deviation between the mesh and the newly created geometric 3d model, which can be then saved as an iges,obj,step etc.

At 3D Scanners we can create a polygon mesh, or a 3d geometric model for you. We can also create a rapid surface (iges, step) from a 3d mesh (.stl file).

Our team of highly trained specialists are committed to offering a fast, innovative and flexible reverse engineering service – tailored to each customers requirements.

For examples of reverse engineering projects we have worked on, please take a look at our case studies page at www.3dscanners.co.uk

Please call us on 03330 300 300 to talk to us about your project.


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