21st July 2016




By either using your supplied scanned data or using our advanced scanning systems we can inspect and analyse your part or object in a variety of ways.

  • We can scan the part/object and then complete a colour deviation analysis showing how the scanned model differs from the physical model;
  • If there are 2 or more objects that are scanned, we can compare the differences between the multiple objects, and show where each differs from the others;
  • If a 2D drawing with dimensions is provided to us, we will be able to compare dimensions we extract from the scanned model with the dimensions on your 2D drawing.


Inspection Reports

All our inspection reports are provided in Pdf format.

A deviation inspection report consists of several colour screenshots of the products we have compared, in colour deviation analysis mode. This enables our customers to easily understand the minimum and maximum error across the part. Information can be customised in pie chart and table format.

This is also accompanied with annotations to give exact results in critical areas.

An inspection report for measurement extraction has screenshots of the product and cad, with the datums we have created on the model and annotations showing the measurements. Again the report can be customised to the customers needs.

Please click on the image below to view a case study.


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